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Cicero Community Collaborative

YC serves as fiscal agent of the Cicero Community Collaborative (CCC) involving over 60 organizations in strategies and initiatives to improve the health and well-being of youth and families in the Cicero community. CCC builds collaborations schools, government, police, and service providers to address larger social issues in the community. In the last year, CCC delivered: 

· CCC Emergency Fund Relief provided $500 to 366 families. These funds were created to support cash relief/assistance to meet emergency needs (rent, utilities, food, medical, etc.) Priority was given to individuals that were not eligible for unemployment and/or will not benefit from federal stimulus funds as well as families who lost employment wages, and/or housing because of the COVID outbreak

· High School CCC Youth Ambassadors program provided $40 food vouchers to 50 seniors in the community. During the five-week program, eight Youth Ambassadors developed leadership skills through community service

· Health & Safety Committee presented a virtual Resource Fair with 30 organizations providing their services and resources to our community members