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Mission, Vision & Values


Youth Crossroads supports youth, guiding them through life’s challenges, and inspiring them to discover new opportunities for personal development, healthy relationships, and positive community involvement.


Youth Crossroads seeks to provide youth with a comprehensive system of support, positive structures, and role models to help them navigate the personal and academic challenges they face in their daily lives, including counseling services, mentorship, tutoring, after-school enrichment programs, youth leadership training, college and job readiness, and community service.


Youth Empowerment: We help youth recognize, develop, and utilize their unique skills, attitudes, and opportunities that maximize personal growth and healthy relationships

Family / Parent Participation: We support parents to become fully engaged and responsible for the healthy development of their family

Accessibility: We provide services at no cost and in safe, accessible facilities.

Trauma-Informed: We operate as a trauma-informed organization, seeking opportunities to build resiliency in individuals, families, and community

Cultural Sensitivity: We maintain a culturally diverse and sensitive environment in all activities including direct services and community outreach

Collaboration: We maximize opportunities for youth and family development through strong, effective partnerships with community resources

Adaptability & Innovation: We continuously adapt to changing community conditions and innovate new services that meet the social-emotional needs of youth and families.

Equity and Racial Justice: We support and work towards equitable systemic changes in our organization, schools, social services, financial, justice and other systems