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Workforce Development Program


Develop the skills and experience you need to get good paying jobs and develop careers in healthcare, food security, sustainability, business, entrepreneurship, and the arts.

Youth Crossroads new workforce development program offers high school students and young adults (ages 16-24) with introductory job training in Community Health Work, Nutrition Education, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, and Music Education.

Classes are taught by working professionals who bring the real world into the classroom so students can hit the ground running.

Stipend Opportunities Are Available

Our workforce development program includes:
· Employment Readiness Activities
· Job Search and Job Placement Support
· Career Exploration
· Resume Building
· Interview Training
· Networking
· Connections to More Advanced Training

Fall Semester starts October 7
Location: Youth Crossroads, 6501 Stanley Avenue, Berwyn, IL

Community Health Worker Training
The Community Health Worker Training Program has been developed in partnership with
University of Illinois Chicago’s CHW Connect. The program will focus on connecting residents of
Cicero, Berwyn, Stickney, Lyons, Summit and Forest View with health care systems. CHWs share
the ethnicity, language, socioeconomic status, and life experience with residents. CHWs will
offer interpretation and translation services, provide culturally appropriate health education
information, give guidance on health behaviors, and advocate for community health needs.
Advanced educational opportunities in CHW training is available.

Youth Health Ambassadors
The Youth Health Ambassadors (YHAs) Program has been developed in partnership with UIC’s
College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
and Takeout 25. The program is
designed to introduce high school students and young adults to careers healthy cooking and
eating, local food systems, nutrition, sustainability, food pantries, food safety and storage, and
cultural cooking.

Youth Crossroads “Youpreneurship” program has been developed in partnership with Ivory
Tower Global
for individuals interested in developing careers in business and entrepreneurship.
The program will include an ideation workshop, viable product creation, and mentorship

Music Education
Youth Crossroads Music Education Program has been developed by Mackintosh Music Method.
The program focuses on building musical instruments, music theory and methods, and more.

To learn more contact Arafat Olori

“Youth Crossroads’ Workforce Development is designed to help young people in our community open doors to careers in health and education. These introductory courses will help teens and young adults develop a better sense of the range of job opportunities available to them in a variety of fields. It will also help them determine what jobs and careers might be a good fit for them. College may not be next step in life for everyone. We can help young people looking for jobs and careers to hit the ground running”

Arafat Olori, Workforce Development Coordinator 

Cutting-edge programs take a people-first approach to upskilling participants for long-term success