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Workforce Development Program

Youth Crossroads’ Workforce Development Program is designed to give high school students and young adults (ages 15-24) in Cicero, Berwyn, Stickney, Lyons, Summit, and Forest View the introductory training they need to get good paying jobs and develop meaningful careers. The program is designed to encourage youth to explore different career paths that reflect their passions and interests. Our workforce development program supports high school students and young adults regardless of their prior academic achievement or life experiences. Stipends are also available to help students who require financial assistance to participate.

For more information, contact Arafat Olori, Youth Crossroads Workforce Development Coordinator at or enroll in classes clicking here

Partners: University of Illinois Extension · University of Illinois at Chicago · Compudopt · Ivory Tower
A Plus Nail School · Ignition Community Glass · Berwyn Fire Department · Mackintosh Methods

New for the Spring Semester:

Nail Tech Cohort

For students interested in careers as nail technician or in nail art, including Ombre, Poly, Foil, Blooming Gel, and more.

The nail tech cohort will get hands-on training from the principal of A+ Nail School. Includes a nail art contest.

Youth Health Cohort

For students interested in exploring a variety of professional opportunities in community health, including food pantries, public health, and health equity.

Students in program will learn how to improve health outcomes of residents and socio-economic conditions in lower-income communities of color.

Classes are taught by faculty in the University of Illinois Chicago’s CHW Connect and University of Illinois Extension

Steminist Cohort

Learn how to create transformation glass art from instructors at Ignition Community Glass.

This cohort is designed for young women interested in careers in STEM fields.


For students interested in jobs in coding, computer hardware, network engineering, web design, Blender, and GIMP.

Classes are taught by Compudot.

Internship opportunities available after the cohort session.

First Responder Cohort

For students interested in careers as firefighters or paramedics.

Classes taught by the Berwyn Fire Department.


For students interested in becoming an entrepreneur or starting their own business.

The program includes and ideation workshop, business curriculum, mentorship, business registration help, and minimum viable product creation.

Program Benefits:

· Students participate in a variety of modules, trainings, and cohorts, which includes certification or opportunities for more advanced training on jobsites or at local community colleges

· Classes are taught by leading professionals who can connect students to jobs in their fields

· Employment readiness activities

· Job Search and Job Placement Support

· Career Exploration

· Resume Building

· Interview Training

· Mentorship Networking

· GED Services

· Job-Shadowing Opportunities

· Assistantships

What students who have participated in the Workforce Development Program are saying

“It was friendly and easy to understand”

What students who have participated in the Workforce Development Program are saying

“I like how I learned so much on how I can get a job and will be able to learn from it”

What students who have participated in the Workforce Development Program are saying

“We got to learn different things on how to apply for jobs, find one, have skills for one,
and more”

What students who have participated in the Workforce Development Program are saying

“Personally, I liked how they had a whole bunch of speakers came in to voice in how we
could and should be better and make ourselves efficient, also that it was after school on
weekdays where I’m free”

What students who have participated in the Workforce Development Program are saying

“I enjoyed how very interactive the program is. I also enjoyed how helpful it is when
educating about the workforce”

Learning Outcomes will be fulfilled through interactive workshops:

· Learn to demonstrate dependability and reliability

· Learn the importance of verifying information and documenting information

· Ensure customer/client satisfaction

· Listen actively and communicate effectively in different settings

· Learn the importance of collaboration

· Work with others more effectively

· Demonstrate ethical behavior

· Demonstrate responsibility

· Manage time effectively

· Demonstrate professionalism

· Deal with change effectively

· Learn the importance of flexibility

Upcoming Cohorts: Mechanics, Cosmetology, Engineering, Graphic Designing, Culinary, Art, Boxing, Martial Arts, CTA Trains, Barbers, Fashion Designing, Carpentry, Game Developing, Youth Board (Non-Profit Management)

Workforce Development Cohorts in Fall 2022: Community Health Work, Nutrition Education, Business Development, Entrepreneurship & Music Education