Youth Crossroads, Inc.
6501 Stanley Ave
Berwyn, IL 60402
Phone: 708.484.7400

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Our Staff

David Terrazino, MSHSA
Executive Director

Michelle Desideri, MA, LCPC
Director of Counseling Services

Joel Wallen, MNM
Youth Development Programs Director

Teri Terrazino, CMP
Donor Relations

Jaclyn Wallen, MA, LCPC
Associate Director of Counseling Services

Elida Ortiz
Community & Parent Liaison /
Administrative Support

Claudia Campos, MSW
School-Based Counselor

Tayra Romo, MA
School-Based Counselor

Lauren Gestes, MSW
School-Based Counselor 

Cynthia Saldana, MA
School-Based Counselor

Natalia Dorsz, MA
School-Based Counselor

Briani Shorter, MSW
Youth Leadership Program Coordinator

Lyric Jones, BA
After-School Program Coordinator

Katrina Diaz, BSW
Youth Development Specialist 

Cristian Garcia, BA
Youth Development Specialist

Board of Directors

Gilbert Pena, President

Chris Bobowski, Vice President

Kathy Benjamin, Treasurer

Rocio Perez, Secretary

Amelia Orozco

Valarie Zeilmann

Denise Baker

Luis Gutierrez