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Counseling Services

Youth Crossroads provides school-based individual and group counseling services to help at-risk young people develop the skills and confidence to achieve success in school, at home and in life. The agency focuses its counseling efforts on reducing the negative effects of violence, trauma and other current life difficulties while building new skills and attitudes that help young people move forward in safe and productive ways. Youth Crossroads is continually adapting our Counseling and Support Services to better meet the needs of local youth and their families.

Referral & Evaluation

With input from members of the school community, eligible students are referred and evaluated for YC Counseling Services.

Individual Counseling

YC Individual Counseling is available, at no cost, to students during school hours. The results of individual counseling are based on the student’s needs and chosen goals.

Family Counseling

Family counseling is provided, as needed, during the school day. Families in need of more intensive family services can be referred to services offered in the community. The results of family counseling are based on the student’s needs and chosen goals.


  • Improve school attendance and performance
  • Improved peer and family relations
  • High self-worth
  • Heightened sense of trust towards important adults in the lives of youth
  • Reduce or eliminate school truancy and suspensions, street-gang association, fighting, bullying, illicit drug and alcohol use, as well as depression, self-harm tendencies, and community-related delinquency 


  • Powerful interventions: we build authentic, trusted, safe relationships
  • Shame resilience: we form relationships built on empathy
  • Trauma informed mindfulness: we focus on being present in the here and now
  • Trauma informed care – realize, recognize, respond, resist re-traumatization
  • Trauma informed social justice lens to learn about the source of the pain and determine how to assist.