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Crisis Response and Prevention Services

When a youth has run away, refuses to return home, or has been locked out of their home by a parent or guardian, Youth Crossroads is there to help.

Our staff responds in-person to local schools and police departments in a timely manner to help families begin to address the current crisis with the goal of returning the youth home.

A crisis situation is defined as a youth who has (1) run away and is refusing to return home, (2) been locked out of their home by their parent or legal guardian, or (3) is reported to police as being ungovernable.

A Crisis Counselor is available 24 hours / 365 days a year to respond in these situations when other options have been exhausted. The goal of Youth Crossroads’ crisis response services is to reunify the youth with his / her family when it is appropriate and help stabilize the immediate crisis which caused the situation to occur.