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Trauma-Informed Educational Services

Trauma Informed Educational Services are provided by YC staff to schools, community groups, and law enforcement. As a trauma-informed agency, YC recognizes that the pain people experience is often deeply rooted in traumatic events in their lives which can overwhelm their ability to cope. Research shows that trauma can profoundly impact a developing brain leaving an individual to respond to any trigger or stressor with a fight or flight response. When this happens the individual cannot process information effectively, which in students can lead to poor grades, behavior issues, drug use, inability to build healthy relationships, and having trouble in group settings.

YC counselors and interns work with students to foster resiliency by helping them better understand what the triggers are that might bring past trauma to the surface. Counselors focus on creating a “window of tolerance,” where students can slow things down and process information more effectively. Counselors also try to work with students to understand how traumatic events can lead to feelings of shame that often manifest as feelings of guilt and humiliation. Students try to develop a “Compass of Shame” to better protect themselves from feelings of distress, fear, anger, and disgust.

Staff are also able to train on a variety of other topics. To discuss setting up a training for your organization, please contact us